Creating useful high quality outdoor gear

It all started back in 1988 when I really wanted a wall tent but didn’t have two nickels to rub together. I did have access to an old sewing machine, so I decided to just build myself a tent. Pretty soon I had a partner and our first commercial sewn product line was snowmobile saddlebags and tow straps.  We sold those all over the country, and I still use my pair today! The next 20 years our focus was centered on emergency medical kits and industrial safety products. Our gear has been used on oil rigs, and underground mines – just about the harshest environments imaginable.

If my finger count is correct (and I still have them all; just a few needle holes), that adds up to over 30 years of sewing and over 400 products. From wall tents to emergency medical kits, boat covers to specialized equipment bags, I’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge in how to make long lasting and functional outdoor gear. Give me a call to discuss your special needs.

Jeff Goltz

(307) 231-1558